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Dansfigurer Standard


Standard International Style

Citat ur bok
Ballroom Dancing,
Eighth Edition 1979,
av Alex Moore: 

"Primarily, Ballroom Dancing is a mental and physical recreation and as such it can scarcely be said to have an equal.


Taken seriously, it can give the young person as much physical exercise as is desired;


to the middleaged dancer, it can give exercise that is effective without being too strenuous;


to the busy man or woman it will provide that mental relaxation which is so necessary to physical health."




















De koreograferade basicrutinerna i Ballroom Dance - Standard International Style vi lär ut passar till hobby-, motions- och social dans.

ALLA BASIC FIGURER i Ballroom Dance - Standard International Style enligt ”ISTD The Ballroom Technique”

STILLA VALS Tryck här 

Basic figures:

Closed Changes

2 Natural Turn

3 Reverse Turn

4 Natural Spin Turn

5 Whisk

6 Chassé from PP

7 Closed Impetus

Associate and Bronze figures:

8 Hesitation Change

9 Outside Change

10 Reverse Corté

11 Back Whisk

12 Basic Weave

13 Double Reverse Spin

14 Reverse Pivot

15 Back Lock

16 Progressive Chassé to Right

Licentiate and Silver figures:

17 Weave from PP

18 Closed Telemark

19 Open Telemark and Cross Hesitation

20 Open Telemark and Wing

21 Open Impetus and Cross Hesitation

22 Open Impetus and Wing

23 Outside Spin

24 Turning Lock

Fellow and Gold figures:

25 Left Whisk

26 Contra Check

27 Closed Wing

28 Turning Lock to Right

29 Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot

30 Hover Corté

31 The Fallaway Whisk


SLOWFOX Tryck här

Basic figures:

Feather Step

2 Three Step

3 Natural Turn

4 Reverse Turn

5 Closed Impetus and Feather Finish

Associate and Bronze figures:

6 Natural Weave

7 Change of Direction

8 Basic Weave

Licentiate and Silver figures:

9 Closed Telemark

10 Open Telemark and Feather Ending

11 Top Spin

12 Hover Feather

13 Hover Telemark

14 Natural Telemark

15 Hover Cross

16 Open Telemark, Natural Turn,

     Outside Swivel and Feather Ending

17 Open Impetus

18 Weave from PP

19 Reverse Wave

Fellow and Gold figures:

20 Natural Twist Turn

21 Curved Feather to Back Feather

22 Natural Zig-Zag from PP

23 Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot

24 Natural Hover Telemark

25 Bounce Fallaway with Weave Ending


TANGO Tryck här

Basic figures:


2 Progressive Side Step

3 Progressive Link

4 Closed Promenade

5 Rock Turn

6 Open Reverse Turn, Lady Outside

7 Back Corté

Associate and Bronze figures:

8 Open Reverse Turn, Lady in Line

9 Progressive Side Step Reverse Turn

10 Open Promenade

11 Left Foot and Right Foot Rocks

12 Natural Twist Turn

13 Natural Promenade Turn

Licentiate and Silver figures:

14 Promenade Link

15 Four Step

16 Back Open Promenade

17 Outside Swivels

18 Fallaway Promenade

19 Four Step Change

20 Brush Tap

Fellow and Gold figures:

21 Fallaway Four Step

22 Oversway

23 Basic Reverse Turn

24 The Chase

25 Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot

26 Five Step

27 Contra Check


Associate and Bronze figures:

Natural Turn

Right Foot Forward Closed Change

Reverse Turn

Left Foot Forward Closed Change

Licentiate and Silver figures:

Right Foot Backward Closed Change

Left Foot Backward Closed Change

Fellow and Gold figures:

Reverse Fleckerl

Contra Check

Natural Fleckerl


Basic figures:

Quarter Turn to Right

2 Natural Turn

3 Natural Turn with Hesitation

4 Natural Pivot Turn

5 Natural Spin Turn

6 Progressive Chassé

7 Chassé Reverse Turn

8 Forward Lock

Associate and Bronze figures:

9 Closed Impetus

10 Back Lock

11 Reverse Pivot

12 Progressive Chassé to Right

13 Tipple Chassé to Right

14 Running Finish

15 Natural Turn and Back Lock

16 Double Reverse Spin

Licentiate and Silver figures:

17 Quick Open Reverse

18 Fishtail

19 Running Right Turn

20 Four Quick Run

21 V6

22 Closed Telemark

Fellow and Gold figures:

23 Cross Swivel

24 Six Quick Run

25 Rumba Cross

26 Tipsy to Right and Left

27 Hover Corté

28 Heel Pivot (Quarter Turn to Left)

29 Zig-Zag, Back Lock and Running Finish

30 Cross Chasse

31 Change of Direction

32 Drag Hesitation














































































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