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Dansfigurer Smooth


American Style



foxtrot smooth

The Foxtrot Smooth remains the most popular social dance in the world today. It is enjoyed by all age groups for its ease of movement and smooth style. Foxtrot music is played by most social dance orchestras and is one of the easiest dances to learn in the American Style.

waltz smooth

The Waltz Smooth appered as a fashinable dance in Bohemia, Austria, Bavaria and other parts of Europe in the late 1700´s. Danced in 3/4 timing, the recurring, even beats of music send the dancers whirling around the floor enjoying the thrill of the Walts momements.

tango smooth

The American Style Tango is progressive, moving along the line of dance using body movement. A staccato movement of the feet and flexed knees highlight the dramatic style of the Tango.

viennese walts smooth

This dance originated in Mid-Europe some 400 years ago. The music is fast in tempo and sends the couples whirling around the floor - first one way and then the other.


Basicfigurerna vi lär ut passar till hobby-, motions- och social dans och dansas till fyrafjärdedelstakt. Smooth figurerna är mycket förningsbara och dansas med mjuka stegkombinationer varvat med stängd och öppen dansfattning.



Beginning (Bronze) figures:
1    Basic
2    Promenade
3A  Rock Turn to Left
3B  Rock Turn to Right
4    Sway Step
5A  Promenade Underarm Turn
5B  Sway Underarm Turn
6A  Zig Zag in Line
6B  Zig Zag Outside Partner
7    Box Step
8    Twinkle
9    Fallaway Twinkles
10  Promenade Twinkles
11  Turning Twinkles to Outside Partner
12  Grapewine
13  Promenade Twist
14  Promenade Pivot
15A Running Steps in Basic Rhythm
15B Running Steps in Box Rhythm

Advanced I (Silver) figures:
1   Open Left Box
2   Open Right Turn
3   Grapewine
4   Weave from Promenade
5   Chair & Slip
6   Oversway
7A Hairpin from Reverse
7B Hairpin from Promenade Position
8   Slide & Check
9   Fallaway & Weave
10  Curved Running Steps
11  Natural Fallaway
12  Outside Swivel

Advanced II (Gold) figures: 
1   Open Grapevines
2   Continous Harpins
3   Passing Changes
4   Oversway to Shadow
5   Half Turns in Shadow
6   Advanced Gem
7   Curve & Roll
8   Hairpins in Shadow
9   Check & Sway
10  Hinge to Shadow


Beginning (Bronze) figures:
1A Straight Basic
2A Promenade Turning Left
2B Promenade Turning Right
3A Single Corté
3B Double Corté
4   Progressive Rocks
5A Open Fan
5B Open Fan with Underarm Turn
6   Running Steps
7   Checked Promenade
8A Reverse Turn
8B Reverse Turn with Outside Swivel
9   Right side Fans
10 Contra Rocks
11 Continuous Left Rock Turn
12 Twist Turn to the Right
13 Check and Corté
14 Promenade Pivot
15 Oversway

Advanced I (Silver) figures:
1   Quick Right Turn
2   Oversway & Rondé
3   Fallaway Fan
4   Cobra Fans
5   Fallaway Rondé
6   Spanish Drag
7   Change of Place
8   Underarm Turn to Shadow Position
9   Shadow Drag
10 Swivel Fans
11 Pivot to Fallaway Whisk
12 Shadow Rocks
13 Reverse Outside Swivel
14 Traveling Right Lunges
15 Same Foot Lunge with Rock Ending

Advanced II (Gold) figures:
1   Rondé to Shadow
2   Shadow Back Lock
3   Viennese Cross in Shadow Position
4   Pivot & Spiral
5   Skater´s Walks
6   Advanced Drag
7   Back Checks
8   Roll to Oblique
9   Open Check
10 TeleRondé to Throwaway Oversway


Beginning (Bronze) figures:
1A Box Step (Straight)
1B Box with Underarm Turn
2   Progressive
3A Left Turning Box
3B Right Turning Box
4A Balance Steps: Forward -
     Back, Side to Side
4B Balance & Box
  5 Simple Twinkle
  6 Two-Way Underarm Turn
  7 Face to Face - Back to Back
  8 Reverse Turn
  9 Natural Turn
10 Progressive Twinkles
11 Turning Twinkles
12 Grapevine
13 Promenade Chassé
14 Fallaway & Box
15 Twinkle & Weave

Advanced I (Silver) figures:
  1 Open Left Box
  2 Open Right Turn
  3 Open Right Turn with
     Underarm Turn
  4 Twinkle Connection
  5 Check & Developé
  6 Chair & Slip
  7 Progressive Open Twinkles
8A Hairpin - Reverse
8B Hairpin - From Promenade
  9 Fallaway & Weave
10 Oversway
11 Pivot from Promenade
12 Syncopated Viennese Turn
13 Flip Flops
14 Check to Open Fallaway
15 Alternating Underarm

Advanced II (Gold) figures:
  1 Open Left Whisk
  2 Chassé to Shadow
  3 Shadow Telespin
  4 Shadow Curve & Back Lock
  5 Double Leg Rondé
  6 Flip & Spin
  7 Syncopated Pivots
  8 Syncopated Open Natural Turn
     in Shadow Position
  9 Free Turn to Fallaway
10 Contra Check Combination


Beginning (Bronze) figures:
1   Balance Steps
2A Fifth Position Breaks
2B Fifth Position Breaks with Underarm
3   Reverse Turn
4   Closed Twinkle
5A Crossbody Lead
5B Crossbody Lead with Underarm Turn
6   Hand to Hand
7A Forward Progressive Changes
7B Backward Progressive Changes
8   Right Turn
9   Change of Place
10 Curtsey & Bow

Advanced I (Silver) figures:
1   X Line
2   Flairs Forward & Black
3   Underarm Turn Right
4   Underarm Turn Left
5   Progressive Fifth Position Breaks
6   Spot Turn Combination
7   Reverse Underarm Turn
8   Advanced Hand to Hand
9   Standing Spin
10 Open Right Turn

Advanced II (Gold) figures:
1   Open Right Turn to Shadow
2   Open Right Turn in Shadow Position
3   Left Turn Connection
4   Barrel Roll
5   Shadow Skips
6   Arabesque Combination
7   Double Leg Rondé
8   Roll In and Out
9   Tandem Turns to Brush Hops
10 Progressive Forward






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